Dyrbox. Vigo. CONXEMAR. Alaska SeaFoods. Surrounded by stands of "high level", high economic cost and high environmental cost; Galicia, Portugal, Argentina, Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries, competing with them and gaining in communication and composition. The stand is offered and displayed, the visitor recognizes it and appreciates it as a breath of fresh air.
dyrbox. We will be in the Vigo’s fairground, IFEVI, for the contest CONXEMAR; we will provide service to 10 companies from Alaska USA. Again with USA clients after the success of dyrbox with Legumbres USA in the contest Alimentaria celebrated in Fira Barcelona this same year.
dyrbox. We design specific frames to our system and we start the process for the new patent. We order mold to extrusion aluminum. We improve our system.
One year of dyrbox; We avoid generating 4500 kg of waste, wood and paper; 60 trees are still there thanks to dyrbox. This is the way in a field full of nonsense.
Fira Barcelona. Alimentaria 2016. For Agrocongelados La Cuerva. It’s over a decorated stand; a success. We make presence. Our client gets singularity without big effort.
Fair Barcelona. Alimentaria 2016. For David Mcclellan. We reached 4'80 m. And generate a useful storage space. Simple, easy, clean and functional. In David's words, better and cheaper than other years. David orders us the stand of Alaska Seafood for CONXEMAR, we will go to Vigo.
dyrbox in Feria Valencia, in the contest FORINVEST 2016, It was a new success. We worked in two areas with simple totems witch give an elegant and distinguished character to the spaces.
dyrbox in Feria Valencia. In the contest Bebés y mamás. Dyrbox shows its capacity of reconfiguration in necessities and spaces. Our next appointment in Fira Barcelona for the contest Alimentaria 2016.
dyrbox patented. It was give with a previous exam form the Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas.
Dyrbox in London. For MÁRMOLES SERRAT. It was transported from Spain and mounted by them. Colonizing Colonizing.