dyrbox. A reality. We make 18 different assemblies with only 5 pieces. RECONFIGURE, REUSABLE and EVOLUTIONARY.
dyrbox. In the Auditorium and Congresses Center in Murcia for the 9th Congress of the Spanish Society of the Glaucoma. The pieces used, will be assembled in vertical in the lobby of reception of our clients until a new use in another contest. These two pieces, our second prototype, will be taken by our client, IMEX CLINIC, this same year they will be reused in more congresses. Finally we decide don’t sell, only rent.
What a weekend! Joan, you got it, assemble, disassemble and start again to assemble with another configuration.
We started like this, in the farmyard of the uncle Pepe’s house, in the carrer Nou. We hadn’t got another place. Our prototypes, there were an obsession, they must be very easy of assemble, so much as to Joan, with 12 years, could assemble it.